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Stephen Harper's Tough-on-Crime Agenda

By Paula Mallea

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According to Statistics Canada, all crime rates -- including violent crime -- have been trending downward over the last twenty years. Yet the Harper government continues to insist Canadians are in the midst of a crime epidemic. This is their rationale for spending billions on new prisons, and for legislation that will put thousands more behind bars and increase the likelihood that young Canadians will have criminal records.

In this book, author Paula Mallea lays out the evidence that contradicts the government's claims. "Tough on Crime is actually lazy on crime," says Mallea. "It is certainly tough on taxpayers. A better approach is to be smart on crime." The Harper approach has been widely used in the United States, where governments are now turning away from measures which cost billions while producing few or no measurable benefits.

Fearmonger is a compelling critique of the financial as well as the human costs of the Harper tough-on-crime agenda.



1. The Conservative Government and its Crime Agenda
2. Crime Rates versus Incarceration Rates: The Facts
3. Mandatory Minimum Sentences and the Myth of Deterrence
4. A Closer Look at the Conservatives’ Crime Laws
5. Drug Legislation
6. The Financial Costs
7. The Human Costs
8. Crime Prevention and Alternatives to Prison
9. Rehabilitation and the Finnish Model


"Fearmonger should be a must-read for all of us."

- Ruth Farquhar The Sudbury Star

" outstanding overview of recently passed and proposed crime legislation.

Written in an accessible manner while reflecting the author's own extensive background in criminal law, this analysis picks apart each of the Conservative crime agenda's multi-pronged proposals based on an objective, reality-based approach that can hardly be accused of partisanship. Rather, Mallea cobbles together research, expert voices and common sense refutations that illustrate how an indefinite increase in punishment for punishment's sake will in fact make society less safe and cost untold billions in the process."

- Matthew Behrens

"Mallea's recently published book portrays the Harper government as being obsessed with crime...She predicts the stubborn attitude will take a huge toll on the country."

- Jeffrey Simpson Chronicle Herald

"Despite the statistics indicating that crime rates, including violent crime, have been declining over the last twenty years, Stephen Harper and his government insists Canada needs to get "tough on crime." Mallea explains how this is really "tough on taxpayers" who will pay for the incarceration of ever-greater numbers of people."

- Prairie Books Now, Fall 2011

"...a comprehensive attack on the Conservative government's crime agenda dating back to 2006, including many proposals that appear destined to become law in 2012...While centred on recent events, the relevance of Mallea's critique extends well into the future."

- Kevin R. Reitz Literary Review of Canada

PAULA MALLEA practised criminal law for fifteen years in Toronto, Kingston, and Manitoba, mainly as defence counsel. She is a research associate with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. She is also the author of Aboriginal Law: Apartheid in Canada. She currently resides in Gore Bay, on Manitoulin Island.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 232 pages
Publication Date: 11th October 2011
ISBN: 9781552778982
Format: 9in x 6in

Binding: Electronic book text, 232 pages
Publication Date: 12th July 2012
ISBN: 9781552778999
Format: EPUB

BISAC Code:  POL029000, POL056000, SOC004000, SOC030000
Imprint: Lorimer


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