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The Fake-Chicken Kung Fu Fighting Blues
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The Fake-Chicken Kung Fu Fighting Blues

By Aaron Lam, Illustrated by Kean Soo

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Series: Lorimer Illustrated Humor

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Twelve-year-old video buff Anthony is devastated when his family leaves Toronto's Chinatown for Berksburg, a remote community in northern Ontario. There are no other Asian families around — and everyone in town loves hockey, which Anthony just doesn't get. The move is even harder on his grandmother, Po Po, who doesn't speak English and puts a fake chicken over the front door for luck. Desperate to fit in, Anthony takes to the ice for the first time — and turns out to be a disaster. But he does manage to make some friends after standing up to Buck, the school bully, with an accidental flying boot to the face. After that, Buck asks Anthony to teach him the "kung fu" he used!

What Anthony can definitely do is find people with interesting stories, including a 103-year-old Indigenous storyteller, a collector of food items that look like famous hockey players, and a man who insists that he was once abducted by a UFO. Video camera in hand, Anthony starts putting together a documentary about his new town. As he discovers the joys of small-town life, his new friends get an introduction to his Chinese culture, and even Po Po begins to feel at home. And when Anthony's movie makes the top ten list for a film competition, the entire town rallies behind him.

The Fake-Chicken Kung Fu Fighting Blues shows both sides of a culture clash in your average Canadian town.

Anthony's grandma, Po Po, is even more unhappy than he is when the family moves from busy Chinatown to a faraway northern community. Po Po won't even leave the house! So Anthony decides to bring the community to Po Po by making a movie about their new home.

Can Anthony bridge the gap between his Tai Chi, Feng Shui loving grandma and a small town obsessed with hockey?

AARON LAM is a writer and producer of documentaries about hockey, theatre and health. His nonfiction and poetry have appeared in magazines and films. He lives in Oakville, Ontario.

KEAN SOO is a cartoonist and creator of the popular children's comic character Jellaby. He was selected for TD Canada's Children's Book Week tour in 2016. He was born in Hong Kong and now lives in Canada.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 152 pages
Publication Date: 1st February 2018
ISBN: 9781459412729
Format: 7.75in x 5in
b&w spot and comic strip style illustrations throughout

Binding: Electronic book text, 152 pages
Publication Date: 1st February 2018
ISBN: 9781459412736
Format: EPUB
b&w spot and comic strip style illustrations throughout

BISAC Code:  JUV013030, JUV023000, JUV031030, JUV039090
Imprint: Lorimer

Interest age: From 8 To 12
Fry Reading Level [grade]: 3.0
Lexile Reading Level: 630L


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