Canadian Culture in a Globalized World

Canada has developed an extensive system of cultural policies. These policies are now increasingly in conflict with a web of international free trade agreements.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Canada

Independent experts on the costs and benefits of the TPP for Canada

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Sold Down the Yangtze

Living with Uncle

Living With Uncle examines the new realities of Canada's relations with the US in a world of a Conservative government in Ottawa. A new generation of analysts offers fresh insights into the challenges to Canada's independence, identity and democracy.

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The Free Trade Deal
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9781550280746 | Published: January 1988

The Free Trade Deal
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9781550280760 | Published: January 1988

Water and Free Trade

First published in 1988, Water and Free Trade offers a pentrating analysis of the forces that threaten Canada's most precious resource.

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Decline of the Superpowers

Decline of the Superpowers
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9780888628930 | Published: January 1987

Canada and the Reagan Challenge

Canada and Reagan Challenge, first published in 1982, has gained wide acclaim for its analysis of the crisis of 1981 - when Ottawa and Washington went head-to-head over a number of economic programs.

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