A Letter From The Moon

Tommycat has been gone a long, long time. But one day Anna and Paul get a letter written in cat-language--sent from the moon!

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9781550281194 | Published: January 1988

Tommycat Comes Back At Last

Anna and Paul thought Tommycat had gone away forever. But now he's come back from the moon in a magic bubble--and he's brought a very special guest with him!

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9781550281217 | Published: January 1988

Tommycat Is Gone Again

This time Tommycat has really gone away--it's the middle of winter and he's floating down the river on a block of ice. How will Anna and Paul get him back?

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9781550281231 | Published: January 1988

Where is Tommycat?

Tommycat has gone missing! Anna and Paul hire Mr. Sharpeye, the world-famous detective to find him. Can you help them?

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9781550281170 | Published: January 1988

Anna, Paul & Tommycat Say Hello!

Meet Anna and Paul and their kitty friend Tommycat--he eats chocolate, does magic tricks, walks upside down on the ceiling, and slithers under doors, even when they're closed.

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Looking for Tommycat

Tommycat has gone missing, again. Anna and Paul look for him everywhere--in the barbershop, the laundromat, the drugstore. But it seems Tommycat has gone looking for pies and cakes...

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Teacher's Guide Book 3 : Camels Can Make You Homesick

A collection of resources to supplement study of this novel concerning children of south Asian parentage adapting to life in Canada.

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9780888628336 | Published: January 1987

Teacher's Guide Book 6 : The Summer the Whales Sang

A collection of resources to supplement study of this novel of Basque heritage in Labrador.

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9780888628367 | Published: January 1987

Where We Live 4: Teacher's Guidebook

This guidebook is intended for use with the five titles in the Where We Live series.

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9780888629371 | Published: January 1986

Where we live, 4 : teacher's guidebook for Marco
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9780888622327 | Published: January 1978