Crush. Candy. Corpse.

Sunny's forced into doing 40 volunteer hours at a home for Alzheimer's patients to get her high school diploma. Now one of the residents is dead, and Sunny's future is distinctly cloudy.

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Final Takedown

A gritty second novel by New Brunswick native Brent R. Sherrard that explores the issues of addiction and poverty for Elias, a part-Maliseet teenager on the brink.

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Thief Girl

In her opinion, the only good thing about multiculturalism is the food.

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9781552775387 | Published: September 2010

All In

Todd Lerner's never been much of a student, but he's got plenty of street smarts and he's a mean poker player. If Todd wants to date the girl of his dreams, he'll need cash and plenty of it. Soon, a weekly poker game turns into a costly and dangerous obsession, and Todd's luck begins to change.

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