Gay Marriage
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Gay Marriage

The Story of a Canadian Social Revolution

By Sylvain Larocque, Translated by Louisa Blair and Robert Chodos

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A history of the fight for same-sex marriage in Canada.
Few issues have dominated recent Canadian politics like the legalization of same-sex marriage.
As a political correspondent for The Canadian Press, Sylvain Larocque had a front-row seat for this battle in the fight for gay rights in Canada. He recounts the story here on every level, from the legal decisions to the social impact to the political reactions. He analyzes the judgments, laws, and election strategies, providing a behind-the-scenes account of how the institution of marriage, which many regarded as unchangeable, was expanded to include same-sex couples.
In exclusive interviews with couples, activists, lawyers, political advisers and ministers, Larocque explores this divisive issue with depth and insight.


Winner - Prix Altern'Art - 2006

"... a terrific chronicle of the decade-long legal battle for same-sex marriage in Canada."

- Richard Burnett Hour

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