The Canadian Constitution
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The Canadian Constitution

The Players in the Process that has led from Patriation to Meech Lake to an Uncertain Future

By David Milne

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This book offers a lucid and concise introduction to Canada's constitution and the many political controversies that surround it.
Author David Milne describes the evolution of the constitution in a balanced, thoughtful account. He describes how the Meech Lake Accord was made and broken and the emergence of renewed demands for radical changes to the constitutional status quo. He records the role of key players in the process, including federal and provincial politicians and the courts.
The Canadian Constitution includes an invaluable chronology of key events in the history of the constitution since 1980, and the full texts of key constitutional documents.

1 Politics and the Constitution: An Overview
2 Option 1: Negotiation with the Provinces
3 Option 2: Unilateral Action
4 The Supreme Court Decision
5 The Strategy of Agreement
6 The Road to Meech Lake
7 Ratification Politics and the Collapse of Meech Lake
8 Post-Meech Canada
Appendix 1: Canada Act, 1982 (U.K.)
Appendix 2: 1983 Constitutional Accord on Aboriginal Rights
Appendix 3: Meech Lake Communiqué of April 30, 1987
Appendix 4: 1987 Constitutional Accord
Appendix 5: First Minister's Meeting on the Constitution
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