Debating Canada's Future

Debating Canada's Future

Views from the Left

Introduction by Broadbent, Ed, Edited by Rosenblum, Simon and Findlay, Peter

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Published in 1991 at time of political turmoil, Debating Canada's Future offers varying leftist perspectives on the crucial issues of the day.
The book is structured around eight issues--public ownership, the social contract, international trade, the environment, child care, reproductive technology, defence and Quebec's future--and in each case two differing perspectives are offered by contributors who share a leftist approach. The contributors are Henry Milner, Arthur Milner, Leo Panitch, Donald Swartz, John Calvert, John Richards, Manfried Boienefeld, David Wolfe, David Brooks, Roberts Paehlke, Ted Schrecker, Sue Colley, David Hagerman, Diana Majury, Christine Overall, John-Paul Harney, Reg Whitaker, Desmond Morton and Ernie Regehr.
This book was conceived to offer its readers access to major debates within the Canadian left on topics of major importance to public policy.

Introduction: Some Thoughts on Socialism
Edward Broadbent
I. The Economic Agenda
1. Public Ownership
Social Democracy versus Democratic Socialism: The Question of Public Ownership
Henry Milner and Arthur Milner
The Case for Socialist Democracy
Leo Panitch and Donald Swartz
2.The Social Contract
Labour and the Social Contract: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone
John Calvert
Collective Bargaining Is Not Enough: The Case for a New Social Contract
John Richards
3. Trade and Competition
A Trade Strategy for a Social Democratic Canada
Manfred Bienefeld
Technology and Trade
David Wolfe
II. The Social Agenda
4. The Environment
Environmental Issues and Democratic Socialism in Canada
David Brooks and Robert Paehike
Environmentalism and Life-Styles of the Affluent
Ted Schrecker
5. Childcare
Childcare at the Crossroads
Sue Colley
Social Democracy and Childcare: Which Way to Go?
David Hagerman
6. Reproductive Technology: Contract Motherhood
Pre-conception Contracts: Giving the Mother the Option
Diana Majury
The Case against the Legalization of Contract Motherhood
Christine Overall
III. Nationhood and Sovereignty
7.Quebec and Canada
A Matter of Respect
J.-P. Harney
The Quebec Question
Reg Whitaker
8. National Defence
Defending Canada in the 'Nineties: Reflections for New Democrats
Desmond Morton
Canadian Defence Policy
Ernie Regehr
Biographical Notes

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