Vanishing Jobs

Vanishing Jobs

Canada's Changing Workplaces

By Lars Osberg and Jan Grude and Fred Wien

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Going beyond slogans and superficial explanations, the authors analyze the reasons why so many jobs disappeared from the Canadian economy in the 1990s.
Drawing on the results of a major three-year research project, the authors offer 25 case studies of Canadian companies from five key sectors of the economy. Included are examples from the resource sector, manufacturing, the low-wage service sector, information services and the public sector. Their findings permit them to suggest concrete steps that can be taken to remedy job losses.
Vanishing Jobs is an in-depth study of Canadian business and labour-market trends in the 1990s.

1 Introduction
2 The Resource Sector
3 The Manufacturing Sector
4 The Low-Wage Service Sector
5 Information Services
6 The Public Sector
7 Education and Training Policy
8 Jobs
9 Conclusion

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