From Layton to Singh
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From Layton to Singh

The 20-year struggle for the NDP’s soul

By Matt Fodor

This book will be available 8th April 2022. We welcome you to place a pre-order.
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This book will be available 8th April 2022. We welcome you to place a pre-order.
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The story of the federal NDP in the 21st century can be told as a story of its leaders — the optimism of the Jack Layton era; the disappointment of Tom Mulcair, the energizing popularity of Jagmeet Singh. But for insiders, the story is the ongoing internal power and ideological struggle between social democrats and Orange liberals. Activists drawn to the NDP and its ideals contend with party members who care most about winning power.

Author Matt Fodor describes how, over 20 years, centrists gradually consolidated their power, turning the party to the right. When that led to the disastrous 2015 election where the Trudeau Liberals outflanked the NDP on the left, the contention within the party heightened. It has played out in decisions that were made about how NDP MPs used their influence during minority Parliaments and how the party ran in the 2019 and 2021 election campaigns. Fodor bases his narrative on sources including party insiders and defectors alike.

MATT FODOR is a writer, political strategist and PhD candidate in political science at York University. His research areas are Comparative politics and Canadian politics with a special interest in social democracy. Matt is a long-time observer of the NDP and has written extensively about the party at the federal and provincial level, including chapters in Party of Conscience (2013) and Tax is Not a Four-Letter Word (2018). He has contributed to NOW, Rabble and The Bullet. He lives in Toronto.

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