Funny Things, Computers

Funny Things, Computers

Illustrated by Trevor Hutchings

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Funny Things, Computers offers a humourous visual examination of the early days of the personal computer, when technology invaded everyday life in innumerable, often hilarious, ways.
You can love them, you can hate them - but you certainly can't ignore them. Computers in the home, computers on the job, computers that we're plugged into every time we bank, shop or travel - they all have their little quirks and ironies that Hutchings captures perfectly.
In Funny Things, Computers, Trevor Hutchings' unique sense of humour is directed at that wondrous invention that is at once man's greatest achievement, nemesis and alter ego.

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Binding: Paperback, 80 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1983
ISBN: 9780888626783
Format: 7.75in x 5.25in

BISAC Code:  COM080000
Imprint: Lorimer


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