Confederation in Crisis

Confederation in Crisis

Edited by Robert Young

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Here is a brief, readable guide to the post-Meech Lake era in Canada featuring leading experts from Québec and English Canada.
The book focuses on three key areas: public opinion, economic questions and constitutional politics. One contributor from English Canada and one from Québec deal with each topic.
The six authors are: from Québec, political scientists ÉDOUARD CLOUTIER and ANDRÉ BLAIS and economist PIERRE FORTIN; and from English Canada, political scientists ROGER GIBBINS and PETER RUSSELL and economist GRANT REUBER.

I The Citizens and the Constitution
1 We the People: Public Opinion, Sovereignty and the Constitution
Édouard Cloutier
2 Constitutional Politics in the West and the Rest
Roger Gibbins

II The Economy and the Constitution
3 How Economics is Shaping the Constitutional Debate in Quebec
Pierre Fortin
4 Federalism and Negative-Sum Games
Grant L. Reuber

III Government Strategies and the Constitution
5 The Constitutional Game in Quebec: Options, Interests, Strategies, Outcomes
Andre Blais
6 The Future Process of Canadian Constitutional Politics
Peter Russell

7 In Summation
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