Tommy Douglas
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Tommy Douglas

By Doris French Shackleton

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Tommy Douglas was one of the greatest characters of twentieth-century Canadian public life: an committed Baptist preacher during the Depression on the Prairies who became a socialist out of love for humanity.
Douglas was one of the founders of the CCF, was elected to Parliament in the 1930s, and returned to Saskatchewan to lead his party to a stunning victory in the 1944 provincial election. As a premier, he led a government that pioneered caring reforms like Medicare. Returning to federal political life, he became the first leader of the New Democratic Party in 1961. With political success, Tommy Douglas won something infinitely more difficult--the love and respect of ordinary Canadians, including many of his political opponents.
Based on Doris Shackleton's close collaboration with her subject, Tommy Douglas is a vivid account of the man and the political movement he helped found.

"A friendly biography ... a personable, highly readable story. The warmth and depth of the Douglas character come through."

- Brandon Sun

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Binding: Paperback, 338 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1983
ISBN: 9780887801211
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