Paul Martin
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Paul Martin

A Political Biography

By Robert Chodos and Rae Murphy and Eric Hamovitch

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Published in 1998, Paul Martin examines the business and political record of one of Canada's preeminent public figures.
This book is an attempt to provide some insight into Paul Martin's background and record, his values and beliefs. Veteran journalists Robert Chodos, Rae Murphy, and Eric Hamovitch explore Martin's roots and his relation to the political legacy of his father, who was himself a contender for the Liberal leadership on two occasions. They describe Martin's rise to the top of Montreal's business world, his entry into politics, his record, his policies, and his ideas about business-government relations.

Anyone interested in the political scene in Canada today will want to read this fascinating portrait of one of the nation's most complex and powerful public figures.

1. The Problems of the Father
2. Montreal Millionaire
3. The Road to Political Power
4. Slaying the Deficit Monster
5. A Dubious Legacy
6. Balancing Act
Note on Sources

"This is straightforward family and personal history (including his father's two near-miss attempts to become Liberal leader.)"

- Globe and Mail

"This first biography of Paul Martin Jr. is a long-overdue examination of a man about to set sail though some of the most turbulent times in Canadian history."

- Halifax Daily News

"Chodos, Murphy and Hamovitch... work smoothly as a team."

- J.L. Granatstein Canadian Book Review Annual

"Of most interest is Martin's battle against the deficit. What comes through is the conviction that he is a cautious businessman and a cautious politician."

- William Rayner Vancouver Sun

"...I recommend Paul Martin: A Political Biography. [It surprised me in its fairness to the minister of finance and its grasp of his career before he turned to electoral politics a decade ago. He comes through as both the best bet on hand as the new prime minister and probably a good one, notably at championing federalism in Quebec. Their book is not an absolute approval of Martin's ambitions but it does suggest there is more to him than some of us have been ready to grant."

- Douglas Fisher Toronto Sun

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