Whatever Happened to High School History?

Whatever Happened to High School History?

Burying the Political Memory of Youth, Ontario: 1945-1995

By Bob Davis

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Series: Our Schools

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Bob Davis examines official high school history teaching and related government policies from the 1940s to the mid-1990s, providing essential background for those concerned with how history will be taught in the 21st century.
Davis traces the demise of the old historiographical narrative of progress, the rise of an essentially content-free "skills"-based approach to education, and the emergence of the new orthodoxy of post-modern theory, identifying the weaknesses of each and suggesting fruitful directions for future development of history teaching.
Whatever Happened to High School History? is a passionate and insightful account of crisis and decline in a subject that used to be the pillar of the secondary curriculum.
An Our Schools/Our Selves book.

"I insist that this book be read by all history teachers... the book is a 'must read' for all who teach, have taught, or hope to teach high school history... a very worthwhile read."

- W.S. Neidhardt Canadian Social Studies

"...an intriguing new book..."

- Randall Denley Ottawa Citizen

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Binding: Paperback, 278 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1995
ISBN: 9781550284867
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Imprint: Our Schools Our Selves


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