Sable Island
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Sable Island

Tales of Tragedy and Survival from the Graveyard of the Atlantic

By Johanna Bertin

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Sable Island has indelibly marked all who have come into contact with it - by accident or by choice. Since 1583, 350 ships have wrecked against its shape-shifting shores as if lured into a trap by a whispering siren wind. This exciting collection casts explorers, castaways, pirates, settlers, and the quintessential symbols of survival - the Sable Island horses - in tales of death, destruction, and endurance. Set on the isolated island of fog-shrouded sand dunes, these true accounts are tragic and inspiring.


Introduction by Zoe Lucas

Foreword by Thomas H. Raddall

Part One: Sand, Storms, and Story (1800 to 1900)

1. A Dreamer's Return

2. Haughtboyes and Horrors

3. Early Ghosts and Visitations

4. Clash and Disaster

5. The Enterprising Clergyman

6. Wrecks and Rescue

7. Sable's Pale Lady

Part Two: The Sea Samaritans (1800 to 1900)

8. The Admiral

9. The Rogue

10. The Gentleman

11. Stars in the Ocean

12. The Governor

13. Century's End

Part Three: Soundings (1900 to the Present)

14. The Brass Pounder

15. Lost Schooners

16. The Atlantic Cowboy

17. The White Mist

Part Four: The Spirit of Sable

18. Ponies

19. Bestiary

20. Dunes


Appendix A/Superintendents of the Humane Establishment, 1801-1948

Appendix B/Shipwrecks

Appendix C/The Status of Sable, 1981

Selected Bibliography

Photo Credits


Index of People and Ships on Sable Island

JOHANNA BERTIN has long been fascinated by Canadian History. She has written a number of books for Altitude Publishing: Strange Events: Incredible Canadian Monsters, Curses, Ghosts, and Other Tales; Strange Events and More: Canadian Giants, Witches, Wizards, and Other Tales; Sable Island: Tales of Tragedy and Survival from the Graveyard of the Atlantic and Holiday Misadventures. Johanna lives in Smithfield, NB.

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