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Chief of the Blackfeet

By Hugh Dempsey

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Crowfoot, a Blood Indian who became chief of the Blackfoot Nation, was a great warrior and peacemaker during the time of settlement of the Canadian West.
In one shattering decade, from 1875 to 1885, the great buffalo herds disappeared from Western Canada, forcing the Plains Indians who had depended on them for food, shelter, and clothing, to change their way of life. Crowfoot became a leader by merit, establishing his leadership in battle. He survived smallpox epidemics, fought in 19 battles, and provided generous leadership, sharing his wealth with the less successful.
Crowfoot tells the story of how one Canadian First Nation was led through years of cataclysmic change by a wise chief, a great warrior, a diplomat and peacemaker who viewed peace as the key to survival.

"Crowfoot is presented with imagination, evokes pathos and deals with universal problems."

- The Historian

"Ably written and well illustrated."

- Dallas Texas News

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