Alexander Graham Bell
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Alexander Graham Bell

The Spirit of Invention

By Jennifer Groundwater

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In 1876, at only 29 years old, Alexander Graham Bell completed the invention that would turn him into a household name: the telephone. In so doing, he forever changed the way people communicate. But the telephone was just one of the many inventions Bell produced and shared with the world. Driven by a deep curiosity and a keen scientific mind, he worked on groundbreaking inventions in an astonishing range of fields, including aviation and medicine. This is the amazing story of his most important discoveries, and his passionate, lifelong quest to improve the way things work.



Chapter 1 "A Great and Glorious Success"

Chapter 2 "Why Don't You Do Something Useful?"

Chapter 3 "The Establishment of a Good Profession"

Chapter 4 "I Thought Alone of You, Mabel"

Chapter 5 "It Is a Neck and a Neck Race"

Chapter 6 "Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!"

Chapter 7 "Our Fortunes Are Made"

Chapter 8 "Everything Coming Out In Our Favour"

Chapter 9 "I Have Really Accomplished a Great Work"

Chapter 10 "It Will All Be UP With Us Someday!"

Chapter 11 "To Get a Man Into the Air"


Born in Montreal, Jennifer Groundwater came to Banff in 1993 for one summer. Like so many others before her, she fell in love with the Rockies and just couldn''t tear herself away. She now makes her home in Canmore, where she enjoys the mountain lifestyle with husband Scott, a dog, a cat, and her children.Jennifer has been working in the tourism industry in Banff and Canmore since her arrival here, most recently for Tourism Canmore. She has travelled extensively throughout Canada, as well as other parts of the world.

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