Lorimer publishes books on keys issues and topics in Canadian sociology, politics, history, communications, and indigenous studies. Written by authoritative scholars and leading practioners, these books are widely used in undergraduate courses as required and recommended reading.

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Lorimer books are primarily used for undergraduate courses in sociology, politics, history, communications, and indigenous studies. We also have a strong presence as a trade publisher with a general readership and in Canadian and US libraries.

Proposals should be 3-8 pages and include:

  1. Description and rationale for the project, including a table of contents
  2. How does the project speak to current teaching practices and scholarly interests
  3. Who is the project's potential market
  4. Any relevant textual and translation issues
  5. Overview of competing or complementary books
  6. Proposed date of completion
  7. Tentative title
  8. Estimated total length of manuscript
  9. List of non-textual items (charts, graphs, illustrations)
  10. A writing sample taken from this book (ideally the first chapter and one other chapter) or from a similar work
  11. CV

Please send proposals as email attachments (preferably in MS Word) to: submissions@lorimer.ca