Johnny Bluenose at the Polls
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Johnny Bluenose at the Polls

Epic Nova Scotian Election Battles 1758-1848

By Brian Cuthbertson

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In Johnny Bluenose at the Polls, first published in 1994, historian Brian Cuthbertson describes some of Nova Scotia's grittiest and hardest-fought election campaigns.
He describes an era when there were no secret ballots and voting was a spectator sport. Property owners voted by declaring their choice on a hastily erected platform before a sheriff and assembled crowd. Political supporters were often bribed with rum to intimidate those voting for other candidates. Merchants jostled for power by forcing their debtors to vote for them. Lawyers fiercely competed wih other lawyers to get elected, often carying their rivalries into the courtroom.
Johnny Bluenose at the Polls revives the furious election battles of yesteryear, showing the issues at stake to be more familiar than we might like to think.

1. Electioneering Against Johnny Blue Nose
2. Oligarchs and Assemblymen of Halifax Town and County 1759-1830
3. The Triumph of Reformn in Halifax 1830-1847
4. The Yeomen Farmers and Merchants of Kings and Hants Counties
The Family Compacts of Kings County and Their Ledgers
In Defence of the Gypsum Trade
5. Planters, Acadians and Loyalists of Annapolis and Digby Counties
The Tory/Baptist Alliance and the Rise of Parties in Old Annapolis County
Factions Become Parties in Digby County
6. Halifax Connections and the Counties of Lunenburg and Queens
Foreign Protestants and Englishmen Liverpool's Two Family Compacts
7. Planters, Acadians and Loyalists of Yarmouth and Shelburne Counties
The Reformers of Yarmouth and the Squires of Argyle
The Sargents of Barrington Township
Respectability, Religion and Faction in Loyalist Shelburne
8. The Scotch Irish, Yorkshire and Scots Farmers of Cumberland and Colchester Counties
Upholding the Tory Cause in Cumberland
The Colchester/Halifax Axis
9. The Scots, Loyalists and Acadians of Pictou, Old Sydney and Cape Breton Counties
Kirkmen and Seceders: Tories and Reformers
The Family Compacts of Guysborough and a Bishop & His Highlanders
Repealers Versus Annexationists on Cape Breton Island
10. Nova Scotian Politicians and the Achievement of Reform
Notes on Databases and Sources

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