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Old Enough to Fight: 
Canada's Boy Soldiers in the First World War
Dan Black & John Boileau
Foreword by Roméo Dallaire

This book is a meticulously researched account of the experience of Canada's boy soldiers in World War I. Authors Dan Black and John Boileau use archived letters from the boy soldiers and their parents, photographs, paintings, and a collection of specially commissioned maps to bring these stories to life for the first time. 


Disciplines: Canadian Military History, WWI


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Our Lives: 
Canada after 1945 
2nd edition
Alvin Finkel

A comprehensive illustrated social history that examines the key people, forces, and events that have shaped post-war Canada up until 2012. Updated with a new chapter on the impact of 9/11; 2008 economic crash fallout; growth of social inequality; effects of globalization on Canadian industries; and increasing environmental challenges.

"A detailed social panorama of the shaping of post-Second World War Canada. A useful and concerned illustrated survey."
Globe and Mail


Disciplines: Canadian Social History, Post-War Canadian History


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The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History 
3rd Edition

Craig Heron

Essential reading for understanding the origins, achievements, and challenges of the labour and social justice movements in Canada. Social historian Craig Heron tells the story of Canada’s workers and the union from the mid-nineteenth century through to today, painting a vivid picture of key developments, breakthroughs, and setbacks.  

A brief, readable introduction to its subject drawing on the wealth of recent scholarship on Canadian working-class history." 
David Camfield Social History


Disciplines: History of Canadian labour and Social movements, Labour Studies


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Visionaries, Crusaders, 
and Firebands: The Idealistic Canadians who Built the NDP
Lynn Gidluck

This book offers fresh insight into the New Democratic Party and its importance to Canadian public life, by focusing on the leaders who have defined the party and the NDP’s vision and policies.

"How to make sense of the sometimes unintelligible undercurrents at work in the policy-rich, but fractious world, of the New Democratic Party of Canada." 
- Literary Review of Canada


Disciplines: Canadian Political History


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Rogue in Power
Christian Nadeau

A compelling exploration of Canada’s transformation by the Harper/Conservative government and its systematic dismantling of political, social, and cultural institutions.

"An admirable job of connecting the dots between conservative values and policies across a range of issue areas.” 
- The Monitor, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives


Disciplines: Canadian Political History, Political Ethics


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The Mass Media in Canada: Who Decides What We Read, Watch, and Hear? 
4th Edition

Mary Vipond

Canadian broadcasting authority, Mary Vipond, traces the development of Canada’s traditional mass media and the meteoric rise of new media. A careful consideration of media’s cultural influences and economics, and the ramifications of government regulations and free trade agreements.

Disciplines: History of Communications, Canadian Media and Cultural History


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The Canadian Fuhrer: 
The Life of Adrien Arcand
Jean Francois Nadeu

The first independent biography of the leading Canadian fascist of the 1930s and 40s, Adrian Arcand. As a journalist and political organizer, Arcand played an important role in the country's political life. A fascinating biography that sheds light on a man and an era that are often hidden.

An engrossing read. A talented historian, Nadeau has put this despicable figure into a rich context 
of many marginal movements

- Literary Review of Canada


Disciplines: Canadian History, Political History


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Toronto: An Illustrated History of its First 12,000 Years
Edited by Ronald F. Williamson

From the final retreat of the laurentide Ice Sheet to its emergence as Canada’s largest and most influential city, a highly readable and comprehensive exploration of Toronto’s evolution over the last 12,000 years. Written in an accessible format and beautifully illustrated, five authoritative historians bring together fascinating natural, social, and archaeological perspectives in this popular history.

Urban history, Urban Development, Urban Planning, Urban Geography


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North of Superior: 
An Illustrated History of Northwestern Ontario
By Michael S Beaulieu &
Chris Southcott

A fascinating popular history that concisely and comprehensively explores the Northwestern Ontario’s colourful history from the period before European contact through to the present. A beautiful illustrated history, from the native peoples to the traders of the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company, to the politicians and workers who pushed through the CPR, through to the lumberjacks and miners of the region’s golden age, up until today’s vibrant and diverse communities.


Disciplines: History of North Ontario


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