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Paul Mallea

The first comprehensive independent analysis of the "tough on crime" measures being implemented by the Canadian federal government under Stephen Harper. Paula Mallea, former criminal lawyer and current research associate with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, lays out the evidence that the policies will cost billions, put thousands more in prison, and fail to reduce crime.

While centred on recent events, the relevance of Mallea's critique extends well into the future."
- Literary Review of Canada


Disciplines: Law and Politics, Canadian Politics, Public Policy


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Paul Adams

Paul Adams, veteran journalist (The NationalCBC RadioGlobe and Mail) and journalism  professor (Carleton University), draws on in-depth interviews with politicians and insiders, exploring the behind-the-scenes issues and partisan politics that keep the opposition parties apart and distracted from the public interest.

"In a narrative that is both compelling and convincing, Paul Adams sets out the critical stakes for Canada. Do we want a progressive or a regressive society?"
- Lawrence Martin, author of Harperland


Disciplines: Canadian Politics, Communications, Journalism


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Rogue in Power
Christian Nadeau

A compelling exploration of Canada’s transformation by the Harper/Conservative government and the systematic dismantling of political, social, and cultural institutions.

"An admirable job of connecting the dots between conservative values and policies across a range of issue areas.”
- The Monitor, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives


Disciplines: Canadian Politics, Canadian Political History, Political Ethics


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Golden Age of Liberalism: 
A Portrait of Romeo Le Blanc

By Naomi E. S. Griffiths
Foreword by Jean Chrétien

 Written by the noted Acadian historian Naomi Griffiths, a compelling biography on Roméo Leblanc, leading Liberal politician and statesman in the Pearson-Trudeau-Chrétien era.

Reveals the deep and abiding love that LeBlanc, a francophone, felt for Canada in an age when Quebec nationalism, even separatism, was fashionable among the chattering classes.” 
- Literary Review of Canada


Disciplines: Acadian History, Canadian Political History


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The Secret Power of Juries: What juries in Canada aren't told about their rights — and what we can do about it 
Gary Bauslaugh
Foreword by Morris Manning

In the Canadian justice system, jurors can hand down a verdict of not guilty even if the facts pointing to guilt are clear, even if the accused doesn't deny the facts, even if the judge tells the jurors to find the accused guilty. In the Secret Power of Juries, Bauslaugh provides a decisive critical and comprehensive analysis of the centuries old practice of jury nullification.

"For those interested in the power of the jury, this book is a thought-provoking analysis of a troubling question." 
- Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C.


Disciplines: Legal Policy, Law and Politics, Public Policy


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Quiet No More:
New political activism in Canada and around the globe
Joel D. Harden

Quiet No More offers new thinking about how ordinary citizens have started to take back power in our democracy and change the world. It examines the meaning and promise of Idle No More, the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, the Quebec student spring and other expressions of new activism sweeping the world.


Disciplines: Political Activism, Public Policy, Labour Politics


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Campus Confidential
Ken Coates and Bill Morrison

A provocative and informative insider’s account of the trends, problems, and issues currently facing Canadian universities. Professors Ken Coates (University of Waterloo) and Bill Morrison (University of British Columbia) openly examine the role and purpose of universities, the activities of students and faculty, and the multi-million dollar expenditures to make Canada “more properous.”

"A bracing reality check that should be essential reading." 
- The Globe and Mail


Disciplines: Canadian Politics, Canadian Public Policy


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Pension Confidential: 
50 Things you don’t know about your pension and investments
Robert Drummond and
Chris Roberts

Pension experts Robert Drummond (York University) and Chris Roberts (Canadian Labour Congress, Social and Economic Policy) provide unbiased and current advice on planning for financial security now and the retirement years.


Disciplines: Public Policy, Economic Policy, Labour Politics


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Visionaries, Crusaders, and Firebands: The Idealistic Canadians who Built the NDP
Lynn Gidluck

This book offers fresh insight into the New Democratic Party and its importance to Canadian public life, by focusing on the leaders who have defined the party and the NDP’s vision and policies.

"How to make sense of the sometimes unintelligible undercurrents at work in the policy-rich, but fractious world, of the New Democratic Party 
of Canada

Literary Review of Canada


Disciplines: Public Policy, Canadian Political History


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