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Nasty, Brutish, and Short: 
The Lives of Gang Members 
of Canada

Mark Totten

A groundbreaking picture of youth gangs in Canada. Dr. Mark Totten has spent fifteen years interviewing over 500 gang members across the country, tracing their lives from infancy to adulthood, and exploring the roots of their involvement in crime and their reliance on violence.


Disciplines: Criminology and Gangs, Juvenile Delinquency, Gender and Violence


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Family Violence
2nd edition
Julianne Momirov and Ann Duffy

The definitive book about the disturbing phenomenon of family violence in Canada. Sociologists Julianne Momirov and Ann Duffy explore the many faces of family violence, from physical abuse to emotional deprivation. A thorough and concise examination of the victims and abusers, factors and theories, with proposed solutions from personal intervention to institutional reforms.


"Essential reading for an in-depth sociological understanding of one of Canada's most pressing social problems."
- Journal of Sociology


Disciplines: Sociology of Family, Family Relations, Gender and Violence, Violence/Abuse


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The Canadian Family in Crisis 
5th edition
John F. Conway

An authoritative examination of the drastic changes in the Canadian family over the last two decades, updated with Statistics Canada's projections to 2016. John F. Conway (Department Chair and sociology professor, University of Regina), considers the implications of divorce, the impact of social changes on men, women, and children, and addresses these issues through family policy.


DisciplinesSociology of Family, Marriage and Family, Social Problems


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The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History 
3rd Edition

Craig Heron

Essential reading for understanding the origins, achievements, and challenges of the labour and social justice movements in Canada. Social historian, Craig Heron, tells the definitive brief history of Canada’s workers and the union from the mid-nineteenth century through to today, painting a vivid picture of key developments, breakthroughs, and setbacks.  


A brief, readable introduction, drawing on the wealth of recent scholarship on Canadian working-class history."
- Social History


Disciplines: Social Movements, Labour Studies


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Paul Mallea

The first comprehensive independent analysis of the "tough on crime" measures being implemented by the Canadian federal government under Stephen Harper. Paula Mallea, former criminal lawyer and current research associate with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, lays out the evidence that the policies will cost billions, put thousands more in prison, and fail to reduce crime.

While centred on recent events, the relevance of Mallea's critique extends well into the future."
- Literary Review of Canada


Disciplines: Law and Politics, Canadian Politics, Public Policy


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