Edwin Alonzo Boyd

Toronto's dashing "Gentleman Bank Robber" was a charismatic felon who masterminded a series of daring robberies with his legendary gang.

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Etienne Brule
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9781551539614 | Published: January 2003

Hudson's Bay Company Adventures
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9781894974684 | Published: January 2009

Rebel Women

Joyce Wieland: Artist on Fire

What Our High Schools Could Be...

This book relates the remarkably varied experiences of a man whose career reads like an index of progressive educational developments in late-twentieth century Ontario.

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9780921908081 | Published: January 1990

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Deny, deny, deny
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9780888629210 | Published: January 1985

Brian & the Boys

This is the story of a generation that went bad. Of six guys who lived for booze and dope, sex and rock. When they finally had their showdown with the Law, they decided to sink or swim together. They sank.

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9780888626585 | Published: January 1984