Degrassi Junior High: Lucy

Lucy likes to take risks and shock her friends. Now Lucy has a brand new plan: to take the trip of her life!

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9781550289381 | Published: October 2006

Out of Sight

Lately, the star goalkeeper on Linh-Mais team has been acting a little strange missing easy saves, passing to the wrong teammates, not noticing Linh-Mais new glassesÂ… Linh-Mai thinks he might need glasses of his own, but the problem turns out to be more serious.

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All In

Todd Lerner's never been much of a student, but he's got plenty of street smarts and he's a mean poker player. If Todd wants to date the girl of his dreams, he'll need cash and plenty of it. Soon, a weekly poker game turns into a costly and dangerous obsession, and Todd's luck begins to change.

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Out of Sight

Linh-Mai has always admired the acrobatic moves of her soccer teams goalie -- Flyin' Brian. But her admiration becomes concern when an eye disease causes Brian to start losing his vision.

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9781550289183 | Published: May 2006

Degrassi Junior High: Caitlin

Sometimes Caitlin feels like the only person who cares about everything that's going wrong in the world--things like nuclear waste and the hole in the ozone layer.

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Degrassi Junior High: Snake

Grade nine isn't turning out the way Snake planned. The prettiest girl at Degrassi thinks he's a geek, his marks are falling, and his brother has just announced that he's gay. Can Snake get it together before the year becomes a total disaster?

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Degrassi Junior High: Spike

Spike is 14 years old -- and pregnant. A stirring novelization of one of the most controversial and groundbreaking series storylines shown on Canadian television.

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The Great Bike Race

Can Matt win first prize in the town's bike race? He thinks so. But his own bike is falling apart! Plus, his friends Mike, David, and Amanda all think they can win, too.

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On the Game

Inspired by true events, On the Game follows one ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey into the dark world of teenage prostitution.

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Foul Play

Remy and Alison play on rival soccer teams. When Remy finds out Alison has a special plan to beat Remy's team in the tournament, she becomes convinced that Alison will sabotage her team's players.

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9781550288742 | Published: May 2005