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Canada after Harper
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Canada after Harper

His ideology-fuelled attack on Canadian society and values, and how we can now work to create the country we want

Introduction by Ralph Nader, Edited by Ed Finn

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Most Canadians know that Stephen Harper has had a tremendous impact on the country since becoming prime minister in 2006. But few have the in-depth knowledge of how far his transformation has gone -- what has already been done, and what the consequences will be in the future.

This book brings together Canadian experts in a wide variety of areas. They document key changes put in place by the Harper government. There have been dramatic changes in education, health care, women's rights, science and research, guiding the economy, labour unions, water and natural resources, and aboriginal affairs. Most of these measures have been designed to be difficult, if not impossible, to reverse.

Readers will for the first time grasp the breadth and depth of the Harper attack on institutions, policies, and programs that embody values and principles shared by most Canadians. Each chapter documents the dangers of a government fixated on the needs of corporations and the one percent, blinded to our environmentally unsustainable lifestyle, and expanding surveillance and security measures to intimidate and threaten opponents.

The contributors to this book believe that engagement in public affairs by the citizenry can trump the power of the elites and the giant corporations who are the winners of the Harper era. As activists in public life, they propose strategies and measures to create a Canada that champions fairness, social justice, real democracy in our government institutions, action to reverse global warming, and a constructive role in world affairs.


Preface     Let's Make Canada the Great Country it Could Be — Ed Finn

Introduction     For Canada, the American Model is Unsafe at Any Speed — Ralph Nader

The Environment

Chapter 1     Finding Solutions to Save the Environment — David Suzuki
Chapter 2     Water, Water, Clean Water — But Not Everywhere — Maude Barlow
Chapter 3     Religious Fundamentalism vs. the Environment — Joyce Nelson
Chapter 4     The Environment: Good Stories, Bad Policies, and What to Do — Peter Robinson

The Economy

Chapter 5     The Economy: Whose Interests Are Being Served? — Andrew Jackson
Chapter 6     What Trade Agreements Have Meant for Canada — Scott Sinclair and Stuart Trew
Chapter 7     Unions: Their Role in Democracy and Prosperity — Lynne Fernandez
Chapter 8     Plutocracy Awaits Us — Linda McQuaig
Chapter 9     Tax Cuts: Part of the Problem, Not the Solution — Trish Hennessy

The Social Issues

Chapter 10     Health Care: A Public Right or a Private Option — Colleen Fuller
Chapter 11     Gender Inequality and Women's Voices — Kate McInturff
Chapter 12     Canada's Youth: From Passivism to Activism — Nora Loreto
Chapter 13     The Globalization of Education: The Implications for Canada — Larry Kuehn
Chapter 14     Child Poverty Must Be Eradicated — Ed Finn
Chapter 15     Indigenous Rights and Anti-Colonial Struggle — Arthur Manuel

Government and Politics

Chapter 16     Restoring Democracy in Canada — Duff Conacher
Chapter 17     Canada's Progressive Politics Need Renewal — Murray Dobbin
Chapter 18     Fiscal Management and Parliamentary Democracy — Kevin Page
Chapter 19     Science under Siege — James L. Turk
Chapter 20     Taxes, Austerity, and What Trickles Down — Alex Himelfarb


Back to the Road Less Traveled — Ed Finn


About the Contributors


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"Challenges Canadians' perception of the country as the best…in the world, and the idea of Canadian patriotism."

- The Hill Times

"Compellingly written with statistics that are often startling and deeply disturbing, Canada After Harper begs Canadians to exercise their democratic rights."

- Deborah Hernandez, THIS Magazine

ED FINN began his 70-year career in journalism in 1944 as a reporter for the Corner Brook daily The Western Star, followed by two years with the Montreal Gazette in the 1950s. While working as a communicator for several unions during the 1960s-1980s, he wrote a column on labour relations for the Toronto Star from 1968 to 1982. He retired in 2014 after serving 20 years as editor of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' monthly magazine, The Monitor.

The contributors to this book come from every corner of Canada: David Suzuki, Maude Barlow, Joyce Nelson, Peter Robinson, Andrew Jackson, Scott Sinclair and Stuart Trew, Lynne Fernandez, Linda McQuaig, Colleen Fuller, Kate McInturff, Nora Loreto, Larry Kuehn, Ed Finn, Art Manuel, Duff Conacher, Alex Himelfarb, Kevin Page, James Turk, Trish Hennessy, and Murray Dobbin.

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Binding: Paperback, 400 pages
Publication Date: 13th August 2015
ISBN: 9781459409439
Format: 9in x 6in

Binding: Electronic book text
Publication Date: 13th August 2015
ISBN: 9781459409446
Format: EPUB

BISAC Code:, POL023000, POL032000, POL044000, POL056000
Imprint: Lorimer


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