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Black Donnellys
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Black Donnellys

The outrageous tale of Canada's deadliest feud

By Hendley, Nate

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Series: Amazing Canadians

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The gruesome saga of the Black Donnellys has been heavily mythologized beginning with the first book published on the story by Thomas Kelley in 1954. A thick layer of rumour, legend and hearsay has built up around the facts of the case. But one thing is clear — no one who reads this book will ever forget the murderous events that occurred near the town of Lucan, Ontario, in the 1870s.

This new edition has been updated to include numerous black and white and colour photos pertaining to the infamous Donnelly family.



Chapter 1 A New Land

Chapter 2 The Fuse is Lit

Chapter 3 Hit First, Talk Later

Chapter 4 Stage Coaches and Wedding Belles

Chapter 5 A Rival Dispatched

Chapter 6 Law and Disorder

Chapter 7 A Missing Cow

Chapter 8 Bad Moon Rising

Chapter 9 A Dirge for the Donnellys

Chapter 10 Requiem


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NATE HENDLEY is the author of several true-crime books, including profiles of bank robber Edwin Alonzo Boyd and American gangsters Dutch Schultz and Al Capone. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 128 pages
Publication Date: 15th July 2018
ISBN: 9781459413382
Format: 8.5in x 5.5in
50+ b&w and colour illustrations

Binding: Electronic book text, 128 pages
Publication Date: 1st June 2018
ISBN: 9781459413399
Format: EPUB
50+ b&w and colour illustrations

BISAC Code:, BIO024000, HIS006020
Imprint: Formac


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