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Mining Country
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Mining Country

A history of Canada’s mines and miners

By John Sandlos and Arn Keeling

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Mining has had a significant presence in every part of Canada — from the east to west coasts to the far north. This book tells the stories of those who built Canada’s mining industry. It highlights the experiences of the people who lived and worked in mining towns across the country, the rise of major mining companies, and the emergence of Toronto and Vancouver as centres of global mining finance. It also addresses the devastating effects mining has had on Indigenous communities and their land and documents several high-profile resistance efforts.

Mining Country presents fascinating snapshots of Canadian mining past and present, from pre-contact Indigenous copper mining and trading networks to the famous Cariboo and Klondike Gold Rushes. Generously illustrated with more than 150 visuals drawn from every period of mining history, this book offers a thorough account of the story behind the industry.


CHAPTER 1 Deep Roots
CHAPTER 2 Mining from Colony to Nation
CHAPTER 3 Mining and the Industrial Boom
CHAPTER 4 New Frontiers and the Post-War Mining Boom
CHAPTER 5 Rough Terrain, 1973–2016
CHAPTER 6 Heritage, History, and Zombie Mines
CONCLUSION The History and Future of Mining in Canada

"This is an important and very readable book. It is well-researched and reliable. The photos are stunning. Its excellent labour history will appeal to miners and their communities. The devastating impacts on indigenous people is a story that needed to be told. It does indeed “provide a mining history for all Canadians.”"

- Joan Kuyek Alternatives Journal

"Mining Country is a gorgeous book – large format, packed with imagery."

- Joan Sullivan Newfoundland Quarterly

"Their book is intended to bridge the divides between benefits and costs, enrichment and disenfranchisement, global reach and social disruptions, over millennia of developments, though the bulk of analysis and discussion unfolds within a modern to up-to-date time period."

- Joan Sullivan The Telegram

"Filled with 150 archival photographs, Mining Country makes it clear how Canadian mining...helped shape the postwar world."

- Michael Strizic Literary Review of Canada

"In Mining Country, Sandlos and Keeling have pulled together a vast amount of material on Canadian mining history, creating an engaging and often surprising story. Compellingly written and handsomely illustrated, Mining Country pays particular attention to Indigenous mining histories."

- Nancy Langston, distinguished professor of environmental history, Michigan Technical University and author of Climate Ghosts: Migratory Species in the Anthropocene

"Finally, a history of Canadian mining that tells the whole story, one that does not shy away from detailing the environmental damage done and the astronomical clean-up costs, or the efforts of Indigenous communities to secure often-promised but rarely achieved economic benefits. Anyone who cares about environmental justice needs to read this book."

- Jeremy Mouat, professor emeritus, University of Alberta and author of Roaring Days: Rossland’s Mines and the History of British Columbia

"Canada is a mining nation. The economies of many provinces and some of our biggest cities are anchored in resource extraction. And yet few Canadians have any awareness of the immense influence of mining. Mining Country provides a much-needed primer on the impacts of this industry on the economy, environment, workers' health and Indigenous rights across Canada."

- Charlie Angus, NDP MP and author of Cobalt: The Making of a Mining Superpower (forthcoming)

"Sandlos and Keeling show that the history of mining is not just a story of technological triumphalism, while also demonstrating its essential and undeniable role in the function of our modern material lives."

- Jedidiah Anderson University of British Columbia

"The book aims to provide “a general narrative of Canadian mining history” and that is where it succeeds. The reader quickly realizes how fundamental the search for, and mining of, metals and minerals has been to Canada’s creation."

- Herb Mathisen CIM Magazine

JOHN SANDLOS is a professor of history at Memorial University of Newfoundland, with a research focus on the history of abandoned mines in Northern Canada. He is the author of Hunters at the Margin and co-editor (with Arn Keeling) of Mining and Communities in Northern Canada: History, Politics, Memory. He lives in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

ARN KEELING is a professor of geography at Memorial University of Newfoundland. His research examines the environmental legacies of abandoned mines, mine closure and remediation, and the social issues surrounding environmental contamination and its effects on northern Indigenous communities. He co-directed the Toxic Legacies Project with John Sandlos, conducting community-engaged research on the history and legacy of Giant Mine. He lives in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 224 pages
Publication Date: 28th September 2021
ISBN: 9781459413535
Format: 11in x 10in
150 b&w & colour images

BIC Code: HB, WN
BISAC Code:  BUS070150, HIS006000, HIS028000, HIS054000, NAT038000
Imprint: Lorimer


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