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Elizabeth Baird's Classic Canadian Cooking
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Elizabeth Baird's Classic Canadian Cooking

Menus for the Seasons

By Elizabeth Baird

$19.95 Paperback
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Inspired by the cookbooks of the past and family recipe collections, Elizabeth Baird's Classic Canadian Cooking has itself become a classic. Her 300 recipes embody the experience of generations of Canadian cooks and profit from the possibilities offered by native produce.
Relying on fresh ingredients abundant in Canada, this book takes its cue from the seasons, with menus for meals and for special occasions. Enjoy Open-Faced Nasturtium Sandwiches, Baked Peameal Bacon, Grilled Steaks with Oyster Stuffing, Pan-Fried Minted Brook Trout, Baked Apples with Rum and Cider Sauce, Lumber Camp Apple Pie, and dozens of other dishes drawn from Canada's many culinary traditions.
Exploring Canada's cookery can be as exciting and delicious as discovering the possibilities of French, Italian or Chinese cuisine. Elizabeth Baird's Classic Canadian Cooking is a splendid compendium of this nation's diverse foodways.

"The introduction to each chapter are like conversations with a friend who really enjoys food, and reading her recipes makes me hungry for homegrown Canadian cuisine..."

- Judy Schultz Edmonton Journal

"...a revised edition of a top-notch tome."

- Marion Kane Toronto Star

" updated edition of her 1974 book, which was a trailblazer in culinary heritage writing ... It's an essential on the Canadian cook's shelf."

- Julian Armstrong Montreal Gazette

"...a reissue of Baird's collection of delicious recipes."

- Pam Collacott Ottawa Citizen

"With this wonderful book, Elizabeth Baird makes an important and delicious contribution to good cooking in Canada - a keeper on your kitchen shelf."

- Anne Lindsay

"When that common language is there, it is magical. Discovering Elizabeth Baird's Classic Canadian Cooking was a validation of my entire culinary heritage."

- Jennifer Grange Toronto Star

"The classy menus and warm, eloquent writing are just as fresh as when they were first penned in 1974."

- Cynthia David Toronto Sun

"If you are looking for gifts to put away for Christmas, Elizabeth Baird's Classic Canadian Cooking, Menus for the Seasons ... will fit the bill. Baird offers a rich array of 300 recipes, relying on fresh ingredients abundant in Canada."

- Ottawa Sun

"This book is a well-preserved Canadian treasure. It is as useful in the nineties as it was in the seventies. Elizabeth Baird is always on the mark."

- Bonnie Stern

One of Lynn Ogryzlo's Picks as an Ontario Culinary Guide:
"Elizabeth Baird, who hails from Stratford, is one of my culinary heroes and her cooking style comes right from the heart."

- Lynn Ogryzlo

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 216 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1995
ISBN: 9781550285024
Format: 8.5in x 7.5in

BISAC Code:  CKB091000
Imprint: Lorimer


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