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Duncan Cameron

DUNCAN CAMERON teaches political economy at the University of Ottawa.

Canada Under Free Trade

First published in 1993, this book offers an early assessment of the impact of Free Trade on Canadian economic, political, cultural, and social life.

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Constitutional Politics

Published in 1992 during a period of great political ferment in Canada, Constitutional Politics offers a variety of contexts in which to view contemporary constitutional proposals

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The Facts on Free Trade

Written before Free Trade became a part of Canadian society, readable and hard-hitting, The Facts on Free Trade explains what the deal says, and what it means.

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The Free Trade Deal
Hardback   Out of print
9781550280760 | Published: January 1988

The Free Trade Deal
Paperback   Out of print
9781550280746 | Published: January 1988

The Free Trade Papers

Before it was a fact of life, free trade was a much debated issue in Canadian politics. This book strips away the rhetoric and shows just what the key players -both American and Canadian - hoped to win and feared to lose under free trade.

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The Other Macdonald Report

The Other Macdonald Report offers alternatives to the corporate vision for Canada's future, alternatives forged during the vibrant free trade debates of the mid-1980s.

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Ethics and Economics
Paperback   Out of print
9780888627049 | Published: January 1984

Ethics and Economics
Hardback   Out of print
9780888627056 | Published: January 1984