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Corporate Rules: The real world of business regulation in Canada

Corporations and their lobbyists have captured control of most Canadian regulatory bodies. How this happened is documented by field experts, insiders, academics and whistleblowers.

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From Layton to Singh

An incisive analysis of the federal NDP since 2000, examining the ongoing unresolved tension between its grassroots base and their ideals, and those favouring centrist politics.

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Myths of Modern History

Revisionist historian Jacques R. Pauwels challenges readers to reconsider what they know about some key events in the last 250 years of world history.

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Family Violence

The definitive book of family violence in Canada

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Indigenous Canada: Looking Forward/Looking Back

A primer on Indigenous culture, history and contemporary social issues in Canada, used as the print course materials from the incredibly popular massive open online course offered by the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta.

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