The Amazing Stories series includes topics drawn from Canadian history, including military history, biography,
crime and mystery, disasters and shipwrecks, sports, women's studies, and exploration. Entertaining accounts
and short paperbacks appeal to middle-grade readers, inspiring their ongoing interest in history! 

Ages: 11+      Reading Level: Grades 4.0–5.0


In 1876, at only 29 years old,
Alexander Graham Bell completed the 
invention that would turn him into a 
household name: the telephone. 
This is the amazing story of this invention,
Bell's lifelong quest for improving
way things work.


The stories of the valiant Canadians
who enlisted in the RCAF and
fought during WWII.

Murder, mutiny, and mayhem were the
order of the day in the seas off
the East Coast during the golden
age of sailing. 


"This is a good book… the work generally
focuses on people and events that
will captivate younger readers."

George Sheppard, Canadian Teacher


Centuries of exploration, discovery and
conflict over the prized elusive route
through Canada's Arctic waters are
examined in this book.


The incredible story of a beloved
Canadian institution.