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Catty, Chatty Girls

May 1st, 2012 by Carrie Gleason

The movie Mean Girls struck a chord for a reason — exaggerated though it was, it happens. Having to deal with peer conflict is something that all girls (and boys) are going to experience at one time or another — and learning early can only help, ‘cause it’s a fact of life for young or old.

But it’s not easy. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the role one’s own actions may have in a conflict and what one can do to avoid a repeat problem in the future.

Much has been said about the dangers of gossiping, teasing, and bullying; some shrug it off as just a part of growing up, kids "finding their way," but the experience can be very damaging. It’s not simply a part of growing up.

What knowledge could be gained, and damage avoided, if the problems arising from gossiping and bullying etc. were discovered early? How many situations would not escalate further? Do you need help in addressing the issues? How exactly can you address these "secret" issues?


These titles and others in the Deal With It series are aimed at kids ages 9–12. They are best used in small, interactive groups to help kids recognize and learn effective ways of changing their behaviour. To accomplish this, the books are divided into different roles — for example, in Gossip: Deal with it before word gets around we have the roles of "The Gossiper," "The Subject," and "The Witness." Quizzes, scenarios, and comics promote starting-off points for discussion from the point of view of each role.


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