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Cliques and bullying

February 25th, 2011 by Meredith

Did you know?

• 44 % of young people reported bullying others online
• bullying occurs once every 7 minutes in schools
• on average, bullying episodes are brief, lasting only 37 seconds
• in a recent survey 96.3% of teenage girls said that cliques existed in their schools 
• boys are just as likely as girls to form cliques  

CliquesOur new book on cliques makes it easy for kids to understand how cliques create opportunities for bullying behaviour, and how kids can respond to the challenges of cliques among their classmates and friends.

This 2011 book, Cliques by Kat Mototsune, is part of a series that tackles bullying in a new and appealing way. The 21-title series offers information about conflict-related behaviour kid-friendly ways. Graphic-novel style visuals are combined with games, puzzles, and humour – all intended to create better understanding of bullying-type behaviour and how to deal with it.

Cliques and other series books tackle their topic from three different vantage points: the target, the instigator, and the bystander. The idea is to help every kid gain a better understanding of why they and others act the ways they do – and how to respond in ways which help bring an end to the conflict.

We’ve just published a teacher resource guide to the eight conflict and bullying-oriented titles in the Deal with It series. It’s full of great ideas about how to address these topics in the classroom.

Whether you're observing Pink Shirt Day on Feb 29, 2012, or supporting the movement to stop bullying on any other day (or everyday) in your school or community, books in the Deal With It series will help get you started.

Among the 21 series titles are:

• Cliques: Deal with it using what you have inside by Kat Mototsune 
• Cyberbulling: Deal with it and ctrl alt delete it by Robyn MacEachern 
• Bullying: Deal with it before push comes to shove 
by Elaine Slavens


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