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Fighting? Competition? — Deal With It!

November 22nd, 2011 by Carrie Gleason

Looking for a more direct approach to help kids understand character education through sports? The Deal With It series titles are 32-page graphic-novel-style books that contain quizzes, Q+As, comics and scenarios that get kids talking about issues.

competition covercompetition spread

Competition: Deal with it from start to finish

This book looks at some of the pressures that kids face to do well is sports, school, and extra-curricular activities. It also examins what happens when competition turns ugly – cheating, name-calling, and bad sportsmanship — and helps provide solutions for dealing with these situations.

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fighting coverfighting spread

Fighting: Deal with it without coming to blows

This book looks at some of the reasons why kids start fights and comes at the issue form the roles of the instigator, the defender, and the bystander. Kids see how building acceptance, respect, cooperation, fairness, and teamwork can help prevent fighting.

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