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Immodest and Sensational

October 4th, 2011 by Carrie Gleason

Women's Sports is no new thing.

immodest & sensational

For teen readers, it may come as a surprise that Canadian women have been active and involved in sports for the past 150 years. And it may come as no surprise that there has been pushback from authorities and institutions all along the way.

The story of women in sports in Canada is told in a readable, highly-illustrated volume by sports historian Ann Hall of Edmonton. Her recent book Immodest & Sensational: 150 Years of Canadian Women in Sport is a look back at some of the most inspiring stories of Canada's women athletes — from the earliest advocates to today's champions.

As Hall tells it, from the beginning, social obstacles have made the playing field uneven for women. The resistance has used everything from arguments about unladylike dress and deportment and the dangers of exercise for future mothers, to barriers to sports facilities and overt harassment. Yet schoolgirls, society women and working class women have relished sport and fought for their right to play.

Even though city and provincial sports halls of fame have honoured their accomplishments, their achievements still aren't very well known.

With 150+ illustrations, large format pages, and lots of colour, this book will appeal to a wide range of readers.


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