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My Body

May 1st, 2012 by Carrie Gleason

The award-winning Dove Real Beauty Campaign, older and fuller-figured Cover Girl models — when it comes to healthy body image, there's slow change taking shape in the beauty industry. Unfortunately, for every campaign that promotes healthy body image, there are hundreds and thousands (and then some) at work against it. For many girls, thinking about body image is unavoidable and, sadly, it's happening at increasingly younger ages.

Pretty Bones cover

Two recent hi-lo books for teens explore the issue of eating disorders. In Pretty Bones (SideStreets series), 17-year-old Raine's desire to be thin becomes an obsession, which leads her on a path of self-destruction. As her eating disorder spirals out of control, her relationships become strained. In her desire to escape the pressure she feels from her boyfriend and friends, Raine runs into the arms of an older boy who is as messed up as she is. Only after she sees the destruction that his drug addiction causes in his life does she draw parallels to her own obsession with her body weight and seek out the help she needs.

You may know our SideStreets series offers the reluctant reader a fast-paced read, incorporating real world themes that teens relate to.

"The quality of writing is excellent, and this book should be in every junior and senior- high school library...highly recommended." 

Canadian Book Review Annual on SideStreets.

Vegas Tryout

Vegas Tryout, a new book by seasoned sports author Lorna Schultz Nicholson, looks at the issue of body image from a sport perspective. Carrie Munroe is a synchro swimmer who feels she doesn't have a typical swimmer's body. She's shorter, heavier, and fuller-figured than the other girls on her team. Add to that the weekly poolside weigh-ins and the stress of an upcoming audition, and Carrie's desire to lose just a few pounds becomes unmanageable, her goals unrealistic. For many girls involved in sports like swimming, gymnastics, and skating, the issues and feelings raised here will be all too familiar.

“Podium Sports Academy gives readers a look into the life of a student-athlete. Through Lorna's books, we have an opportunity to develop an appreciation for the commitment and dedication necessary to maintain the delicate balance associated with being a teenager, athlete and student.”

                                               —Ken Weipert, Principal, National Sport School

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