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Not Out

September 11th, 2012 by Carrie Gleason


What does the fictional young black character in Dirk McLean's cricket novel Not Out have in common with real-life Canadian speedskater Clara Hughes? Finding sport as a teenager changed the direction of both their lives.

The story is not a new one, but it is one that needs to be told over and over again. Famous athletes like Clara have said it, and organizations that raise funds so at-risk kids can play sports make it their mandate. Sport can make all the difference in the lives of troubles kids and teens. It gives them something positive to focus their energy on and a feeling of acceptance and accomplishment.

In Not Out, fictional character Dex is angry. He lost his parents in an accident a few years ago and now lives with his aunt in a Scarborough apartment. It seems as though he's in a constant battle — not only with rival athletes but his own teammates and, ultimately, himself. Dex has been kicked off every team at his school for unsportsmanlike conduct. Finally the only team that will have him is the cricket team. For many kids, cricket is an unknown sport — even though it is rapidly growing in popularity in many Canadian cities. But if Dex is going to succeed at the "gentleman's sport," he first needs to learn to exert some self control.     

Dirk McLean was born in Trinidad, but now lives in Toronto. He has worked as an actor and with at-risk kids with the Toronto District School Board. Not Out is a novel in the Lorimer Sports Stories series for ages 10-13. (Also available is the cricket novel Wicket Season by Gabrielle Prendergast.)


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