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Sharing successful reading strategies to get sports fans reading

November 7th, 2013 by Kendra Martin

In a recent email newsletter, we asked teachers and librarians how they get their sports fans to pick up a book and read. Here are some of your great responses!

Angi, Baton Rouge:

We had WNBA great Lisa Leslie visit our school. I had her sign our women's basketball books and then put them on display in the front of the Library. It's a great hook for boys & girls alike. In no time, I have a crowd at both of my sports shelves, then the checkout desk.

Diana, Canada:

When I give a book talk to a class, I talk about non fiction titles in the collection and pair them with fiction titles featuring the same sport. HiLo books from publishers like Lorimer are presented as "quick reads" that grab readers and reluctant readers alike.

Thanks for your feedback! These suggestions are great tips for engaging your reluctant readers!


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