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Special offer — Bullying-themed novel sets!

February 22nd, 2012 by Carrie Gleason

Good fiction addresses bullying themes in ways kids can relate to. Save on these sets of bullying-themed novels.

Set #1 Grade School Bullying-Themed Novels: 8 TITLES for just $30

(for grades 2-6; ages 7-12)

lillylilly new girlrafiigreat playdaredeil morganjudeginger princesszach and zoe

These eight paperback novels feature bullying as a theme, with contemporary settings and characters kids will easily relate to. Includes Zach and Zoe: Bully and the Beagle, winner of the Chocolate Lilly Award (2011) and finalist for Atlantic Canada's Hackmatack Children's Choice Award. Five other titles in the set are Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books selections. Regular price for the set is $57.60. Special set price $30.00

Lilly Traps the Bullies

Captain Lilly and the New Girl

Raffi's New Friend

Great Play, Morgan

Daredevil Morgan

The Luck of Jude

The Ginger Princess

Zach and Zoe: Bully and the Beagle

Special Price: $30.00

You Save: $27.60

Order now!


Set #2 Middle School Bullying-Themed Novels: 16 TITLES for just $90

(for grades 7-8; ages 9-14)

girl fightgone badskankscabkleptooutnew bloodout of time


making selectbreakawayswim to winshut outfadeawaygoaltwo minutespower play

This paperback set includes realistic teen fiction and sports novels featuring boys and girls. All are aimed at reluctant readers, with reading levels of 3.0-5.0. Every title incorporates a realistic bullying theme. Many are Best Book selections by the Canadian Children's Book Centre. Regular retail is $159.20. Special set price $90.00.

Girl Fight

Gone Bad





New Blood

Out of Time

Making Select


Swim to Win

Shut Out


A Goal in Sight

Two Minutes for Roughing

Power Play

Special Price: $90.00

You Save: $69.20

Order now!


Set #3 High School Bullying-Themed Novels: 8 TITLES for just $50

(for ages 13 and up)

These books feature both boys and girls, and are great for reluctant readers with reading levels of 3.5-5.0. Each is a realistic portrayal of kids faced with bullies and bullying. The stories include challenging but true-to-life situations kids face today: homophobia, sucide, and bullying. They will spark lively classroom discussions, and they can help kids dare to talk about tough real-life situations. The set is specially priced at $50. Regular retail is $79.60.

girl fightgone badskankscabkleptooutnew bloodout of time

Girl Fight

Gone Bad





New Blood

Out of Time

Special Price: $50.00

You Save: $29.20

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