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Swim to Win

September 11th, 2012 by Carrie Gleason


One of the most astounding things about the 2012 summer Olympics was just how young some of the competitors were. In addition to their incredible feats of athleticism, it can make you wonder: What's it like for these athletes having to train, travel, and compete, while their teenage friends are out doing what "normal" teenagers do? What do they miss?

For young athletes who want to know, the main character in Swim to Win gives them a glimpse into this lifestyle. Former nationally ranked swimmer Vallery Hyduk draws on her own experiences as a teenager when she created the character of Lasha, a promising young swimmer who is at the cusp of becoming a world-ranking swimmer.

For young athletes already in training for a future in professional sports or top-level competition, the character's frustrations, determination, and dreams will ring true.

Swim To Win is a novel in the Lorimer Sports Stories series for ages 10-13.


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