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Targetted teen

February 16th, 2011 by Meredith

ScabWith a nickname like Scab, there’s little doubt that the central character in Robert Rayner’s new teen novel has been targeted by his classmates. In fact, he wears this name with a certain kind of pride as he stands apart from his peers. But he discovers that this attitude costs him the first relationship he’s ever cared about.Rayner’s novel is one of several in the Lorimer SideStreetsseries for young adults with a bullying theme. Other titles show different forms of bullying and different strategies by kids who successfully overcome the challenges it poses.

NewIn Peter McPhee's New Blood, a teenage boy's family moves him to Canada to escape the tough streets of Glasgow, only to discover that bullying exists everywhere.

KleptoIn Klepto by Lori Weber, an older sister\'s bullying induces fear in a teenage girl, causing her to act out.


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