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You're Not Alone...

May 28th, 2012 by Carrie Gleason

 hook upfinal takedown

Many of us want to see ourselves or our situation reflected in a story, in a character. We relate to a character's life story, their beliefs, where they come from or the colour of their skin. Although the problems addressed in these teen novels for boys have nothing to do with ethnicity, it may help some reluctant readers to know that books about "kids like them" are out there.

Hook Up is a new book by Calgary author Kim Firmston. The main character is Tsuu T'ina teenager Cody Manywounds. Cody is quick to point out where his friends are messing up in life, but when it comes to his future, he's got big plans. Then Cody's girlfriend gets pregnant and he realizes that he wasn't nearly as in control of his future as he'd thought.

In Final Takedown, mixed-Maliseet teen Elias is in trouble with the law. The judge gives him an ultimatum: Either he stays out of trouble or he'll be sent to juvenile detention. The problem is that Elias's best friend, Jordon, isn't nearly as threatened by the idea of lock up. And because Elias spends most of his time at Jordon's, the temptation to go with the flow proves very challenging.

Try these two novels to get your teenage boys reading.


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