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Dream Racer
  • Interest age: 14-18
  • School grade: 9-12

Zoë's caught the racing bug. She thinks she might even have the stuff to become a racecar engineer one day. But Zoë's mother has another dream for her daughter, and it's called "Zoë Kendall, M.D."

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Small Town Glory
  • Interest age: 12-17
  • School grade: 4-6

How did the Kenora Thistles become, against all odds, the smallest team and the smallest town ever to win the Stanley Cup?

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Strange Beauty
  • Interest age: 14-18
  • School grade: 9-12

There are some things a teen can take for granted, or so Penny thinks. Beautiful girls get all the breaks. An eccentric old woman is going to be the target of every kid in the 'hood. But what if things are not all they seem?

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Holiday Misadventures

The Christmas season is the one time of year that we all put aside the demands of the everyday to celebrate with friends and family; share stories, warm memories, and traditions; and feast on home-cooked food. But what happens when life simply won't pause in the name of good cheer and festive revelry? This unusual holiday collection brings to life the tales of Christmases gone wrong: Christmastime castaways dreaming of holiday ham, a Sable Island mystery, murder and mayhem in yuletide Yukon, spirits of Christmas of a different kind, and many others. Merry misadventures!

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A Heritage of Stone

A Heritage of Stone offers a fascinating new perspective on the histories of many leading communities of south-western Ontario. It celebrates the many fine stone buildings which are the pride of these cities and towns.

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Hamilton: A People's History

Hamilton: A People's History is lavishly illustrated with over 200 contemporary and archival images. The narrative and visuals together provide a vivid portrait of one of Ontario's most prosperous and appealing cities.

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Degrassi Junior High: Lucy
  • Interest age: 10-17
  • School grade: 5-10

Lucy likes to take risks and shock her friends. Now Lucy has a brand new plan: to take the trip of her life!

Paperback   Out of print
9781550289381 | Published: October 2006

Out of Sight
  • Interest age: 9-13
  • School grade: 4-8

Lately, the star goalkeeper on Linh-Mais team has been acting a little strange missing easy saves, passing to the wrong teammates, not noticing Linh-Mais new glasses… Linh-Mai thinks he might need glasses of his own, but the problem turns out to be more serious.

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Road Rage
  • Interest age: 9-13
  • School grade: 4-8

Matt Thompson and his friends have caught the racing bug. They've set their sights on the famous Alfie Shrubb Road Race in Bowmanville, Ontario.

Hardback   Out of stock indefinitely
9781550289176 | Published: October 2006


The ill-fated maiden voyage of the great "unsinkable ship," carrying with it the hopes and dreams of humankind in its massive decks and luxurious cabins, may have started in England, but it ended in catastrophe and despair off the coast of Halifax, Canada. A touching reminder of the fallibility of man-made machines, the repercussions of the loss of the Titanic are still felt today. This heart-warming collection of stories tells of the intimate connection that Canada has with one of the most resounding tragedies of the twentieth century.

Paperback   Out of print
9781554391264 | Published: August 2006

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