Helping school administrators and teachers help kids in trouble 
Here's a handy, practical resource that students, teachers, and school administrators can use to help young people
deal with interpersonal and social conflicts. This collection of books covers 23 different topics—covering virtually
any issue you could face, from cyberbullying to homophobia to teasing. 


Transphobia: Deal with it and be a gender transcender

j wallace skelton, Illustrated by Nick Johnson

A timely new resource for helping kids understand and resolve conflicts stemming from gender identity, gender expression and transphobia.


• Transphobia 101 explains what transphobia is and what it isn't

• Letters to the Conflict Counsellor offer real-life problems and solutions

• Quizzes test readers' abilities to make positive choices in any situation

• Additional resources puts helpful organizations, books, and websites at readers' fingertips

j wallace skelton has worked in schools for over a decade to make them safer and more welcoming for people of all sexual orientations and genders. As a consultant, he has helped many organizations, including human rights commissions and school boards, with issues of gender identity and gender expression.

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Deal with it before it ties you up in knots
Deal with it and turn prejudice into pride

Deal with it before push comes to shove
2nd Edition