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Deal with it and be a gender transcender

By j wallace skelton

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Series: Lorimer Deal With It

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Who do you think you are? Part of identity is how people experience their gender. Transphobia is intolerance of any part of the range of gender identity. This accessible, illustrated book offers information, quizzes, comics and true-to-life scenarios to help kids better understand gender identity and determine what they can do to identify and counter transphobia in their schools, homes and communities. Considered from the viewpoint of gender challengers, gender enforcers and witnesses, transphobic behavior is identified, examined and put into a context that kids can use to understand and accept themselves and others for whatever gender they are — even if that's no gender at all!


Commended - Best Books for Kids & Teens -- Canadian Children's Book Centre - 2017

Short-listed - Red Maple Non-Fiction Award Nominee - 2017

"I would love to see this book in sex ed classes everywhere."

- Lily Greer NetGalley Reviewer

"This book is simply for everyone."

- TJ Lima, Reviewer, NetGalley

"A great addition to any library — elementary or middle school."

- Jennie Rosenblum, Bookseller, NetGalley Reviewer

"A good, clear explanatory book about gender for tweens and teens."

- Dana Bjornstad, NetGalley Reviewer

"A great addition to any library — elementary or middle school."

- Jennie Rosenblum, Bookseller, NetGalley Reviewer

"A good, clear explanatory book about gender for tweens and teens."

- Dana Bjornstad, NetGalley Reviewer

"The book is great for those that are trans and those that are not… [it gives info so all can be educated and safe."

- Montzalee Wittmann, Netgalley Reviewer

"This book is very clear, and gives examples of how to know if you are being transphobic, and what you can do about it… [It should be available in school and public libraries."

- Laura Rinaldi, Netgalley Reviewer

"This is a great resource that many people sadly need, and it is very informative and easy to understand."

- Blake Neely, Netgalley Reviewer

"Transphobia: Deal with it is a timely guide that should be in every library, and also makes a great starting point in the classroom for discussions on gender"

- Berta Liao, Educator and Blogger, Netgalley

"...this is a great resource for educators in any English-speaking setting... The content is excellent, and is likely to inspire some positive discussion amongst young people who are not LGBTQIA and haven't had cause to consider how their behaviour/language impacts on others. It's also affirming for LGBTQIA students and offers some excellent guidance for everyone on how to deal with their own and other people's passive and aggressive non-binary/transphobia. As someone with 18 years' experience as a teacher/lecturer, I am happy to recommend this book, in particular as an educational resource for teachers, youth group leaders and parents.

- Debbie McGowan, Netgalley Reviewer

"I feel that a book like this is more needed than ever. I think it would act as a good primer for an introduction about what it means to be transgender."

- Bradley Gartin, Librarian, Netgalley Reviewer

"An excellent and needed resource on the topic."

- Peter Vanderhooft, Librarian, Netgalley Reviewer

"A great book for middle school classrooms and libraries! I would definitely recommend."

- River Webb, Netgalley Reviewer

"I think wallace did a good job in keeping the questions simple and on a level kids can understand. And the answers are very clear cut. At the same time, though, they're questions even adults might think (at least a variation of) so it is good for adults to read too!"

- Lilyn George, Netgalley Reviewer

"I was pleasantly surprised that nonbinary people feature heavily, being nonbinary myself, I often see people like me being left out for the sake of simplicity."

- Linus Ehrenreich, Netgalley Reviewer

"A fantastic book. I learnt a lot about gender and it has really helped me learn about myself."

- Carley Adair, Netgalley Reviewer

"A great resource for middle school students and people of all ages. it provides information for kids questioning their gender identity as well as kids who simply want to know more about trans issues and combatting transphobia. the illustrations were cute and included lots of diversity."

- Alex Brown, Netgalley Reviewer

"This book deserves lots of positive feedback... I felt like it explained a topic that confuses many adults in a manner accessible to youth. And I can't say enough positive things about how inclusive the art was. It stood out to me that it portrayed kids with disabilities in a fashion that their disability wasn't a statement."

- Ryan Full, Educator, Netgalley Reviewer

"This was very informative, positive, and diverse. Definitely a must-read."

- Laura De Jonge, Blogger, Netgalley Reviewer

"For such a 'short' book, this is packed with a lot of advice and, dare I say it, should be something on school curriculum if for no other reason than to spread understanding."

- Belinda Missen, Netgalley Reviewer

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Binding: Hardback, 32 pages
Publication Date: 15th January 2016
ISBN: 9781459407664
Format: 11in x 8.5in
100+ full-colour illustrations

BISAC Code:  JNF053020
Imprint: Lorimer

Interest age: From 9 To 13
Fry Reading Level [grade]: 6.1
Lexile Reading Level: 800L


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