What People Are Saying about Deal With It

“It is the visual format and illustrations that make this series so appealing and kid friendly. The information, straight-forward talk and behavior-challenging questions are well done, but the art will surely make youth pick up these books.”

—Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)



“Helpful, without being preachy, The Deal With It series is very timely. Recommended.” 

—Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)



Gangs offers teachers, guidance personnel, or front-line workers a useful resource... Its frank portrayal of the sexist, violent, and stressful reality that is street crime, and the practical steps it offers readers on how to escape gang culture, mean it might actually be a lifesaver.” 

—Canadian Teacher Magazine



Bullying provides an explanation of the many forms of bullying, and offers strategies for taking action against it." 

Publishers Weekly, Selected Bullying Resource



“Illustrated with numerous color cartoons, this title [Cliques] in the Deal with It series uses an interactive format to dramatize the contemporary teen social scene and raise moral questions about what it means to do the right thing. Great for group discussion, this title's lists of do's and dont's will spark debate precisely because the book captures how hard it can be to identify what's right and act accordingly.” 



“[Cliques] is part of the Deal with It Series, to assist adolescents with the everyday conflicts they face. This complete series would be a worthwhile addition to an elementary and middle school library collection and should promote valuable discussion in the classroom.” 

—Resource Links



Cyberbullying offers fun and practical tips for safely navigating the Internet, where online name-calling, rumors, and threats have great impact.” 

—Publishers Weekly, Selected Bullying Resource



“With a serious look at a growing problem, Cyberbullying is timely, indeed.” 

—CM Magazine



Fighting not only focuses on the instigator and defender, but also reminds witnesses of their social responsibility. Just because one does not get into a fight, does not mean that one can ignore the problem. The excellence of this well-done series makes this reviewer anxious to see forthcoming books.” 

—Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)


Fighting is a simple, direct approach to a common problem in some high schools. Recommended.”

 —The Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group



“[In Guyness] there is a timely section on stereotypes in the media, especially television, video games and the internet. Recommended.”

 —CM Magazine