Harperism named a Best Book of 2014 by The Hill Times! 


Harperism named a Best Book of 2014 by The Georgia Straight!
"Harperism is the best explanation yet for what’s happening in Ottawa and demonstrates why the Harper revolution will be difficult to unravel even if the Conservatives lose the next election."

 The Georgia Straight

"Harperism is essential reading. Understanding its central thesis is important to every voter, including the mistaken 30+% who think they are supporting “conservatism,” not “neoliberalism.” It should be mandatory reading for anyone planning to not cast their precious ballot. It offers scary motivation, indeed, for all Canadians to get to the polls this fall."

 Common Ground Magazine


"This book is not a story with a happy ending. Neither is it a passionate call tio arms. Gutstein's is a thoughtful and impeccably researched analysis of the actions of Canada's prime minister and the path that he has put us on... For the sake of Canada, I suggest we read this book, understand what we are up against, and take action now." 

– Our Times Magazine


"Mont Pelerin, Switzerland, in 1947 seems far removed from Ottawa, Canada, 2014, and yet Gutstein methodically makes the links between the neoliberal, neo-conservative agenda and the current government's handling of a number of high profile issues."

– rabble.ca

"While it may sometimes seem the Harper government's policies are an ad hoc mixture of right-wing populism, poll-driven opportunism and economic austerity (with a dash of nationalism and military swagger thrown in), a new book by Donald Gustein argues that Conservative policy development is more calculated than that, and heavily influenced by the work of think tanks." 

– Frank Bayerl, The Monitor (CCPA)

"Leaving aside much of the English-Canadian news media’s complicity in advancing the neoliberal agenda, Gutstein’s most important observation for the future is that other countries that have endured comparable regimes – the U.K. under Thatcher; the U.S. under Regan and Bush, Sr. – did not see neoliberal policies reversed by the centrist administration that followed."

Dan Rowe, Quill & Quire, December 2014

“Do all of the examples contained in Gutstein’s book make the case for something we can name Harperism? There’s a revolving door of individuals who all pass through think tanks, media, and government that have supported Harper’s policies and the Conservative Party itself. The case for Harperism is strong.

– Gerard Di Triolo, Briarpatch Magazine, Nov. 2014

“Gutstein argues that right wing think-tanks and their allies are made more influential by a mainstream media echo chamber. He says an examination of the 2013 Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies database shows that research from right wing sources like the Fraser Institute appears more often than papers released by left and progressive think-tanks like the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. The tax-and-service-cutting gospel promoted by bodies like the Fraser Institute seems to have the compelling power of constant repetition and this may be one of the reasons, as this book suggests, that Harper and his colleagues have been as successful as they have been at changing the face of Canada.”

– Tom Sandborn, Vancouver Sun, Oct. 2014

"Donald Gutstein does a powerful job of analyzing the ideology and practice of Harperism as it rolls steadily across the institutions of our country, undermining regulations, firing researchers, intimidating NGOs, and demonizing labour unions, environmentalists, and Native leaders."

– Charlie Angus, Member of Parliament

"An immensely powerful and insightful probe of Stephen Harper's impact on Canada. While the mainstream media allows Harper to portray himself as a moderate, Donald Gutstein skillfully traces the deep links between Harper and the right-wing world of corporate-funded think tanks. A great book for anyone looking to cast an informed vote in the 2015 election."

– author Linda McQuaig

"This book sheds new light on Harper's symbiotic relationships with the network of conservative think tanks that created the environment that moved his ideas from the fringes to the mainstream and continue to validate his agenda."

– Bruce Campbell, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)

"Years ago, Stephen Harper set out to permanently change the political and cultural face of Canada. In this seminal work, Donald Gutstein shows just how he has gone about this, destroying environmental protections and social justice in the process. This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of Canada."

- Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians