The Fake-Chicken Kung Fu Fighting Blues

12-year-old filmmaker Anthony has culture shock after leaving the big city's Chinatown for a remote northern community. Can he learn to love his new home, even though there are no other Asian families around and he doesn't understand the town's obsession with hockey?

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Mermaid Warrior Squad

At summer arts camp, shy Dylan and outgoing Coral create a comic book about mermaids. But when the camp bullies target Coral, can Dylan channel her inner mermaid warrior to save her and the final show?

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Superhero Ninja Wrestling Star

Archie starts Grade 6 as the only kid who has not grown over the summer. He goes on a mission to make himself bigger, stronger and faster to impress his best girl friend, Shamini.

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My Best Friend Is a Viral Dancing Zombie

Riley and his best friend Finn know their zombie movie has what it takes to win the class film competition, at least until their desire for fame threatens their friendship.

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Alex vs. the Four-Headed Gargantuan

It takes a superhero to deliver the newspaper!

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Frostbite Hotel

Put your feet up but keep your boots on!

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