The Podium Sports Academy series follows the lives of super-jocks at an elite high school as they train for a future in pro sports.

"These hi/lo books tackle difficult teen problems in an easy-to-read style"

School Library Journal


Ages: 13+      Reading Level: Grade 3.0


Hoop Dreams
Allie MacLean: the basketball player
who won't let an injury destroy her dreams



Big Air
"connects with teens by dramatically leading 
them through the possibilities their 
choices create and offering wholesome suggestions for successful outcomes."

CM Magazine

Forward Pass
"Exciting soccer action, hot-button 
issues (conservative Christian 
views, differing attitudes toward 
homosexuality, sexual abuse), and teen angst find balanced footing"

Publishers Weekly

One Cycle
" a joy to read . . . The story is
relatable but riveting"

—CM Magazine

Vegas Tryout
"The plot is simple, but hard-hitting, and it accurately depicts anorexia and how it affects teens . . ."


—School Library Journal


"The writing is accessible to high-school students reading below grade level."